Gallery Artist


One of the most amazing features of our gallery artist, Nelsonn, is his extremely wide range of disciplines. He studied under a number of well- known sculptors and is a self taught painter, but has become a confident and competent ceramicist, photographer and printer, working in collaboration with some of the world's leading master printers. Nelsonn was born in Carlisle in Cumbria, working in Brighton and Lancashire, before returning to his native county. He splits his time between his studios in Keswick and Newlyn Cornwall. Please take time to enjoy and possibly invest in his work on this website and hopefully be amazed at the sheer versatility of this fascinating artist.
Sue Leadbitter - Gallery manager.


All copyright, design rights and other intellectual property rights in any products and designs are and remain the property of Nelsonn. No amendments, alterations, modifications or reproductions of Nelsonnís products or designs are permitted without his express written agreement. Nelsonn is a member of the trade organisation ACID (Anti Copying In Design). All Nelsonnís designs, techniques and ideas are registered with ACID. Any infringement of Nelsonnís intellectual property rights as listed above will be reported to ACID's lawyers and the appropriate action taken.

Anti Copying in Design