Nelsonn holds three exhibitions at the gallery annually: The Spring Exhibition runs from 1st February to the end of May, followed by the Summer Exhibition from 1st June to the end of September. The Winter Exhibition commences 1st October until the end of January.

Part of Nelsonn's ‘Blind Faith’ exhibition, originally comprising twenty-six sculptures of individual and group figures which he produced 'blindfolded', is currently touring some of the major churches and Cathedrals in Britain. “Faith can take many forms”, Nelson states, “Religious Faith, Faith in relationships with individuals and Faith in yourself”, and he certainly had to have faith in his ability to produce these figures in this way! The sculptures have been described as ‘incredibly powerful’ and ‘sculptures with tremendous feeling’, displaying amazing dynamics, strength and energy. These bronze figures on slate bases were made in wax and then cast into bronze; they are each unique, one off pieces that will never be sold as an edition or reproduced.

'Blind Faith' Exhibition dates so far for 2004:
February, March and April at St Martins in the Bullring, Birmingham
May and June at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford
July 6 - 30 at Coventry Cathedral
August at Lincoln Cathedral

We are still talking to other venues, i.e York Minster, Liverpool Cathedral and Durham Cathedral about possible exhibition dates. For further information, please contact Gallery 26 at 27

The gallery is keen to support the concept of great artwork that is both decorative and makes a political and social comment, exemplified by the exhibition ‘26 Images Spoken’. We hope you find a visit to the gallery both informative and enjoyable and look forward to seeing you return many times over the years to support us in our efforts to promote great artists and their work.